Verena Haisch

Salary Partner

  • Verena Haisch joined BluePort Legal as a Salary Partner in October 2021.
  • Born in Munich, she was admitted to the bar in 2007. Since then, she has worked in international commercial law firms in Hamburg, most recently as Counsel.
  • Verena Haisch advises in the entire area of media law. Her expertise in the area of press and statements law includes advising publishers and TV broadcasters on media litigation. In addition, her clients include large and medium-sized companies that rely on her many years of expertise in conflicts with the media, rating platforms, and questions of PR law.
  • Verena Haisch also regularly represents individuals and politicians in the fight against hate speech and hate crime on the net and acts as a correspondent lawyer for HateAid e.V. .
  • Languages: German, English



Poststraße 36
D-20354 Hamburg
T +49 40 419 120 00
Office Los Angeles
6404 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 328
Hollywood, CA 90028